Our Issues

Conservation Colorado Education Fund seeks to protect what makes our state unlike any other: our spectacular natural environment. Our magnificent mountains, clear rivers, and wide open blue skies are rivaled by none. The stunning granite spires of Browns Canyon, the lush wildflower meadows of the Maroon Bells, and the seemingly endless sagebrush sea that expands across northwest Colorado provide us with a truly exceptional quality of life.

Unfortunately, an array of anti-conservation interests, coupled with environmental risks such as accelerating climate change, threaten to harm the state we love. We need to work together to protect the Colorado we cherish.

Climate & Clean Energy

Climate change is already impacting Colorado’s people, economy, wild places and way of life. We’re seeing hotter temperatures and drier summers; larger, more devastating wildfires; and shorter winters. It’s critical that our leaders prioritize combating climate change and acting for communities that bear a disproportionate burden of environmental pollution.

Lands, Water & Wildlife

Colorado’s lands and rivers define our state, provide world-class recreation opportunities, and support our state’s ecosystems. Yet climate change and sprawling development are threatening our open spaces, natural resources, and unique wildlife.

Communities & Justice

We engage Black, brown and Indigenous Coloradans in conservation work to build a more powerful movement. Communities of color and those with lower incomes disproportionately live without clean air, clean drinking water or safe places to work. These unequal conditions are due to generations of oppressive policy choices by white leaders who have historically excluded communities of color from the political process, especially when it comes to voting.